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A study in game mechanics - Huntercoin (HUC)


This could be posted in the "Gamer" or "Developer" forums, but, I'm posting here for broader visibility and because this raises a lot of interesting problems/questions.

Some of you may remember me talking about "Huntercoin". Here's one thread:

The mechanics of the game are changing. Here's an example: The cost of a general has gone from 1 to 10 to 200 HUC. But many other aspects are changing as well in significant ways.

This is a perfect case study for anyone that does research in gaming. In fact, it's far more "real" than most games as everything is "currency" or directly affects it.

If you want to do research, and you're a regular here at DC, or you can provide some decent credentials, or proof of a legitimate reason, I can put you in contact with the main developer. He's chosen to remain anonymous, so I'd have to ask him first.

But there is a major update now (I just got word of it from the developer), and this is really a very big deal if you understand the implications. It's all experimental, but a really wild experiment in gaming and cryptocurrency.

I really can't overstate just how big this is. It's the only fork of Namecoin. That's a big deal.

To check it out, see here:

DISCLOSURE: I have a small amount of HUC, but not enough to influence my opinion on it. It's damn cool either way! :)


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