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RAM contact spray?

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Speaking of using air for cleaning I must have spent a dozen hours online trying to find a mechanical way of doing it.  The perfect solution for me would have been a tiny bellows with a pistol grip so it could be operated with one hand.  Of course as soon as I search on the term "bellows" all I find are stupid decorative bellows like you hang on a fireplace grate.

I ended up getting a cheap plastic bicycle pump type thing about 6" long from China.  It was great for blowing dust off the keyboard.  The main flaw was the two handed operation.

This seems to be an area where nobody wants to produce a mechanical solution since if made well repeat sales are unlikely.  I can see requiring "clean air" if you are blowing into open sockets.  But for just blowing the dust out of the box or off the keys it seems a bit pricey.

Stoic Joker:
(not sure how long the link will last, but...) Something like this? They call it a 1-handed puffer duster.

… or there's this nifty item.

I've used this one-handed with a 'straw' to blow out my computers (and to get lithium onto tractor and snow-thrower linkages in sub-zero temperatures).

OK, nobody is agreeing with electrical contact spray, and it occur to me I don't want a goopy RAM stick slot full of hydrocarbon gook and dust building up.
I usually don't have an internal dust problem, but I'm taking special note of the danger of liquified 'canned air' (difluoroethylene) bricking a hot (thermally or electrically) PSU or other components and really appreciate the head's-up on that plus all the other comments.  :Thmbsup:
If necessary, I agree would agree about how to just hold the canned air nozzle back a few inches and only give it a few quick bursts.
I'd rather not completely remove the RAM sticks b/c there are so many wires in the way and I hate to disturb anything more than necessary, but I'll keep the paper-wipe (and pencil eraser) procedure in mind as it sounds like a great trick.  :Thmbsup:

The pencil-eraser _could_ leave some goo when used, and by the time I've found a pencil that has some eraser left, I've walked past the printer half a dozen times... ;)


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