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Other app ideas based on WhenLast code

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When I do some job, say X, I save the date-time for the job, even gps if possible. After wards I should be able to get answers to following,
1. When I did job X ?
2. Did I do job X in this month/year ?
3. What jobs I did this month ?
4. What jobs I did at this location (gps) ?-anandcoral (March 10, 2015, 02:56 AM)
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You might investigate the abandoned program Inserty, which automates some aspects of text entry.  I'm relatively new to Android myself - I only know about this one from one of the other DC threads  on Android, which would be worth reviewing, notably What Android Apps Do You Use?, itself a response to Android apps micro reviews.

Looking at this thread for the first time as a result of following a link in the newsletter.

So When Last looks good, but I'm not necessarily always very good at inferring the underlying architecture of a program from my experience of it. So I'm going to say the first thing that came into my mind for a database-type Android app: something like CHS.

Having said which, I have no need of the "S". :) But I properly dislike the Android clipboard and I miss the history that CHS gives me on every PC I use. A configurable and searchable database of textual clipboard history would be good, particularly if it allowed editing of entries and similar scripted transformations to those offered by CHS.

I've looked at clipboard managers for Android before and generally found nothing better than disillusionment. :)

So one idea that could be incorporated into my framework is the idea of a central website file that was automatically downloaded by the app.
So that for example someone who had a website could update a database and it would be promulgated to all people who had the app installed..

hi mouser
idea for (hopefully an android) app -- may or may not be able to use the work you've already done:

There's an idea in Tai Chi / Chi Gung that you do an exercise for 100 days -- really the idea is to get it ingrained as a habit.

Based on this:
an app that shows how many consecutive days I have done exercise 'x' (or task x).
A variation would be exercises (or tasks) that I want to do e.g. three days a week -- so long as that is fulfilled you could report how many consecutive weeks it has successfully been done.

A "streak" tracker! That's a very good idea!
I think I could adapt my code to do that pretty easily..

So for each item you could specify how often it has to be done to keep the streak going (daily, weekly, or monthly).
The items would have a NOW button just like WhenLast, and would show you the last time you did an item, but would also tell you how long you have kept the streak going.


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