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@kalos: You also need to be competent enough to run Wireshark and obtain the DSL connection user/password from the Sky Hub if you are going to replace it.

You need the Administration user/password so you can access the settings and see if it has any form of QoS.

I've just found that the Sky Hub SR102 doesn't do bridge mode, (ie. modem only), so you need to find a modem/router, (either separate or combined), that will work with the Sky network.

From the Skyuser forums:
Mer is applicable to the Modem only not the router, so if you have a seperate modem don't worry about it, however the problem with Sky is the authentication credentials are sent in dhcp option 61 so you need a router that allows you to pass options to it's DHCP client, most SoHo routers aren't flexible enough to allow this.
--- End quote ---

I suggest you have a good look through the Skyuser forums to find out exactly what you can do.

If it were me, I'd find another ISP - any that lock you into using their crappy equipment don't deserve their customers.

true, but I got skype for only 200 per annum, with 100 supermarket coupon and 75 cashback, so only 25 per annum!


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