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The return of Clippy! Microsoft says more about their digital assistant Cortana

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Is Cortana funded by some American anti-terror agency?  :-\
-Curt (February 11, 2015, 10:35 AM)
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I sometimes get the feeling that the entire world of technology is now being funded by some big and terrified American agency.

I wonder if they will ever realize that 90% of the terror they're fighting against is often nothing more than the terror that only exists in their imaginative heads?


Full soon in deepest hearts care finds a nest,
And builds her bed of pain, in secret still,
There rocks herself, disturbing joy and rest,
And ever takes new shapes to work her will
With fluttering fears for home or wife or child,
A thought of poison, flood, or perils wild;

For man must quail at bridges never crossed,
Lamenting even things he never lost."

                           -- Goethe, Faust

^Considering how well the spell check suggestions work on my iPhone, I had very little in the way of hopeful expectations when it came to Siri. And I soon discovered it wasn't unreasonable for me to feel that way about it.
-40hz (February 11, 2015, 10:15 AM)
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Damn you auto-correct!  And Siri! ;D

Have they really improved their voice recognition a lot, since this demonstration of its capabilities?

I predict it will be as pleasurable to use as this, especially if you have any sort of accent that would be considered foreign to its developers:

Clippy and Cortana serve completely different purposes.

The money quote in the Microsoft PR release is this:  “She will learn your preferences, provide quick access to information, and make recommendations personalized for you.”

Translated into English, that means that the primary function of Cortana (as with Siri and Google Now) is to collect personal information about you to sell your profile to marketers.

Clippy and Cortana serve completely different purposes.
-xtabber (February 12, 2015, 12:22 PM)
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Possibly only because the technology wasn't yet available (and Microsoft lacked Apple's "the world is my oyster" vision) to make it so? ;)


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