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WhenLast (Android app) - v2.20 Beta - Aug 20, 2018

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So, I installed this today -- looks very nice :Thmbsup:.

Some observations:

The app icon does not work well on a white background, which is the default in the app drawer in lollipop.

If holding the phone normal (non-landscape), the text indicating the last time a task was performed is broken into a lot of lines, which makes it hard to read, and take up a lot of space. Perhaps put the task name above and the text below instead of side by side in this mode?

Localization would be nice.

Is there an undo option in case you hit the NOW button by accident :-[.

Is there an undo option in case you hit the NOW button by accident
--- End quote ---

Each item keeps a log of all times you hit the NOW button.
So just hit EDIT and either clear all history or clear the last date (or add a custom one for that matter).

I'll try to fix the other items -- it shouldnt break up into lots of lines, but its hard to predict on all machines.  Maybe i need to do as you say and detect small screens and split into multiple lines manually in such cases.
Do you know your portrait resolution?

Do you know your portrait resolution?
-mouser (May 28, 2015, 11:51 AM)
--- End quote ---

Looks like it's 1080x1920, here is a (scaled down) screenshot of what it looks like:

Yeah, looks like i need to make a special layout for portrait phones.
Another alternative you could use is to go into options and change what info is displayed in that middle column and make it more compact.

It might soon be time for another round of work on WhenLast.  Any (other) feature requests?


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