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WhenLast (Android app) - v2.20 Beta - Aug 20, 2018

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The new 'separate line' widget-mode is a really helpful improvement, thanks :Thmbsup:

Great  :Thmbsup:

Here's a screenshot

Version 2.14 beta - Dec 31, 2016

* New Feature: Search function

Mouser, I'm happy to see that WhenLast now has a search function, but I'm a bit puzzled about what I could search for.  If the app had a place where the user could add short notes each time (e.g., noting how far down the battery was each time I charge my phone), then I might have something to search for.  In any event, I've often thought of suggesting a "notes" feature, and the new search feature has finally prompted me to make the suggestion.  I might just add that I continue to love this app!


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