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Help requested for a Win XP hidden file option problem

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None of the above.  Not on a company PC, applying to all folders, I'm in admin mode, doesn't work from control panel either, no other problems evident.  The selection will just not stick.

Does anyone know the applicable registry key?  Is there a key which prevents the change?

Thanks Jeff

Carol Haynes:
Try this shell extension

I have been scouring registry settings and looking around the usual websites but none seem to mention accessing this function via the registry.

Did you try creating a new user and logging in to see if it works in a new user profile?

Thanks Carol.  No I didn't creat a new user yet.  I will now.  I did test on a clean user profile already created and the problem is the same.


Problem is still the same with a newly created user.  The shell extension worked, Carol.  It didnt solve the behaviour of the normal method but it did enable me to see my hidden files.


Carol Haynes:
Rules out a user profile issue then ... glad the extension helped. There is another one too from the same author for toggling file extensions which I use a lot. Get it here:


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