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Help requested for a Win XP hidden file option problem

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I'm wondering if I can get some help with this.

I can't get the "show hidden folders and folders" option in Win XP to stay on. When I apply it and reenter the dialog box it has turned itself off again. Does anyone else have any experience with this and what can I do about it.

Thanks for any help.


Carol Haynes:
A few ideas off the tope of my head:

Are you running in restricted user mode? Never had this problem myself but I run in admin mode to avoid some of these sillinesses *and I have software that doesn't like non-admin)

Have you tried setting it from Ctrol Panel > Folder options ... shouldn't make any difference but it might write the registry entry from there if it won't from Explorer > Tools > Folder Options.

Are you experiencing any other odd problems (no I'm not getting personal) ... like slow shut downs, hanging on Saving User settings during shutdown? If so it could be a corrupted user profile - that can affect writes to the registry for system settings. Try creating a new user, login and see if you have the same problem there.

is it possible you are only setting one folders properties? in xp you have to say "apply this setting to all folders" if you want it to remember the setting across all folders.

To sort this out....
...are you using an company pc ? (policies ?)

Unless this PC is on a corporate lan with Mandatory user profiles, you should be able to keep the setting by setting the options you want, then hitting "Apply to all folders"


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