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Save files with same extension


I would like to be able to move from web site to web site and capture PDF images as necessary.  I know print screen captures and image and pops up a dialog asking me to save the file.  Generally I want to be able to save it as a PDF and move onto the next screen and hit print screen without having any dialog pop up.  In other words, I want to save screens as PDF files by just jumping to each screen and hitting print screen and automatically do a PDF save as a default.  Is this possible?  I'm a little overwhelmed by the number of options.  Thanks.

I have managed to make this feature work with PNG as an extension

Ok so I think you are talking about my Screenshot Captor program -- we sometimes talk on the forum about all kinds of software, so it wasn't completely clear.  I'm going to move this post to the Screenshot Captor section, where it will be easier to talk.

Many times I run into sites that will explain various things you can do in windows, firefox etc. I usually copy those items to a PDF so I can read them later.  I don't generally edit PDF files as an image.  I will follow your suggestion from another pot to use PNG and convert to PDF.

PDFs give an error message when SC tries to read them.
Would it be a good idea to save/export PDFs to a different folder mouser? Maybe a sub-folder just for PDFs?

(FWIW I only ever use the button on the scan toolbar to convert an image to PDF, so may be unfamiliar with other aspects of PDFs in SC.)


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