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Interview with Richard Bennett, inventor of Ethernet, Wi-Fi MAC, etc.


Tom Woods interviews Richard Bennett.

From the show notes:

Richard Bennett, a visiting fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, is an expert on Internet technology and public policy. He co-invented Ethernet over Twisted Pair, the Wi-Fi MAC protocol, and miscellaneous network enhancements such as the MPDU Aggregation system for 802.11n, the Distributed Reservation Protocol for UWB, and various tweaks and hacks to the Internet and OSI protocols.

His experience with legislative bodies spans two decades, beginning with expert witness testimony before multiple committees of the California legislature in the 1990s and continuing to recent testimony before the U.S. Congress on Internet privacy.
--- End quote ---

SHOW TOPIC: Richard goes over the history of networking and then gets into net neutrality.

FAIR WARNING: Tom is a historian (Harvard/Columbia) and an anarchist (ancap), so he's not the kind of fellow that everyone will like. However, the show is mainly about the history and economics of networking with very little about anarchism.

Show Notes:


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