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Firefox won't play videos unless I keep moving the mouse! Ugh!

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On my computer (and another one, actually) I have this problem with video playback (youtube, vimeo) in Firefox where the videos will hang unless I move the mouse around whilst it plays.  I've tried everything imaginable to solve this and all to no avail.  (Windows 7 Pro x64 with Firefox 30+)

Has anyone else had this happen to them?
How do I fix it?

I can remember that happening back in XP.  I can't recall if I ever found out the cause though.  You might try checking for new mouse drivers.

Have you looked in Device Manager for any conflict icons?

One trick we did in support that worked often on weird problems like this was to boot into Safe Mode, go into Device Manager, right click on the device with the issue, and delete it.  Boot up normally.  Windows should say "Windows has found new hardware" and reinstall the driver automatically.

Many times it works correctly for quite awhile.

Thanks, Miles.
Strange to say - I have the problem on two different computers with two different mice.  One is an Anker, the other a MS Mouse 5000.  Both with the latest version of Firefox, but I've had the problem for a long time.

I'll try the mousey driver thing.

I have not seen that problem since WinME, and I fixed it back then by uninstalling and then reinstalling Flash.

So I removed all the mouse drivers in Device Manager, but it still stalls.
And I removed and installed Flash Player, but it still stalls.

Also, in Internet Explorer, it is 10 times worse.  Videos keep stalling unless you move the mouse around.
I'm still looking for answers.


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