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Screen Calculator: Monitor, Mobile & Notebook PPI and Screen Size Spreadsheet

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OK, you guys inspired me to get a version 2 out:

Version 2 has calculated Aspect Ratios, an additional Ratio column (f.e. 1,33:1, which is equivalent to 4:3) so that one can easily compare different Aspect Ratios (1:1 is square, 2:1 has one side twice as long as the other).

Furthermore I added different tabs for Smartphones, iPhones (with all iPhones), iPads (with all iPads), Tablets & E Readers (with almost all Kindles, Nooks, and some other tablets), Monitors (with many sample sizes and resolutions), and Ratios & Resolutions (with many different display resolution standards from VGA up to 4K).

There are also improvements in formating, error checking, and explanations when mouse over column headers.

I hope you will find it useful.

Format has changed to Excel 2007 and you will find the spreadsheet now here:

Enjoy :)

Thanks again, obviously you put a lot of work into that.

[I had a minor error when opening the file in Excel 2007. It was corrected thus, Repaired Records: String properties from /xl/sharedStrings.xml part (Strings)]

I made it in Libre Office and Libre as well as Softmaker had no complaints.

But that doesn't mean anything, of course...

After all it is Excel's own format, so it has a right to complain :).

Glad you liked it. Every few years I need to make a decent spreadsheet, otherwise my skills are getting too rusty.

This is very helpful -
looking at the Acer Aspire Switch 10 and trying to figure out the options:

thanks brahman :up:

Hi Tomos -

my pleasure :)

Please note that 1,778 is 16 : 9, so 1,779 : 1 is almost 16 : 9. That means this model will be slightly longer yet slimmer than the other two.

This may be useful when you want to read in landscape mode.


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