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Screen Calculator: Monitor, Mobile & Notebook PPI and Screen Size Spreadsheet

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I just whipped up a spreadsheet to calculate PPI, dimensions, and size of a screen.

I uploaded it to my dropbox here, if you would like to use it:

Purpose is to figure out and compare the pixel densities of different monitors, notebooks, mobile phones etc and also to compare their sizes through the area and side calculations.

So now you can easily calculate how much more viewing area you have when you upgrade your mobile f.e. from a 4 inch to a 5 inch screen.

I would also like to calculate the aspect ratios, but I don't know how I can calculate the aspect ratio from the resolution.

F.e. resolution is 1920 x 1200 or 800 x 600 and how can I calculate the aspect ratio from that (obviously 4:3 on the 800 x 600 screen).

Help would be appreciated.

Thanks and enjoy!

Update to version 1.2:

Many sample screen sizes included
Calculation of Aspect Ratio
Improved formatting
Short explanations

Really great to compare screens with different sizes and aspect ratios.

F.e. I was really surprised about the screen area of the 800x600 Nook Simple Touch with 4 : 3 aspect ratio.

Really great to compare screens with different sizes and aspect ratios.
-brahman (February 06, 2015, 02:03 PM)
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this is really nice :up:

Thanks, brahman!

Thoughtful as always  :Thmbsup:  :Thmbsup:

I was going to try to help, and had removed my socks in preparation, when I saw your second post.

Thank you for your kind words. :)


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