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wierd mouse click problem

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I am sick of mouse problems. >.<
I went into the shop and made myself a mouse, which is proudly displayed here:

jk :)
To see the world's first mouse article please go here.
BTW, my old Logitech wired mouse seems to be working okay now, since I went into regedit and deleted the two 'LDM' folders.

True ergonomics there  :P

Should have told you that I never use or have used the Logitech software that came with the mouse. Besides the base functionality of pointing and clicking I don't have or want specific functionality being added by the bloated crap that is Logitech software.

The only reason my last Logitech was a gaming mouse was because of its configurable weight. Anyway, my Logitech mouses still would act up and keep adding undesirable behavior until I had enough of it and bought a replacement. Perhaps that is the reason why my Logitech's lasted around 5 years, instead of the more common response from other forum members stating only a functional life-span of 1 to 3 years.

I don't use the software either, but I've got 3 kids who use my computer on a regular basis. That's bound to at least cut any device's lifespan in half.


Thanks for your $7 Amazon Basics Mouse link.  More expensive isn't always better.   :)

I have had this 'background' clicking issue as well.  With Logitech and Microsoft mice.  But have not seen it since switching to an onn - $8 Walmart-special.

Check the LogiTech forums, it's been discussed there for a long time, and people have come up with different fixes. Some may work, some may not.


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