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Softmaker Office: **90%+** Discount!!!! Offer Expires Feb5 6pm(?) EST

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SoftMaker Office 2016 Beta is ready for download.
-lanux128 (April 22, 2015, 08:28 AM)
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This could be important!

- Is the Beta free?

- Is it stuck with an expiration date?

This is important to me because after my big disappointments with LibreOffice, I don't plan to buy an office package sight unseen. So I will want to try the spreadsheet module and compare it to Kingsoft.

^ you have to give an email address, they send a serial number.
Current beta is only valid till April 30, but I presume there will be a new beta by then.

So I will want to try the spreadsheet module and compare it to Kingsoft.
-TaoPhoenix (April 22, 2015, 08:41 AM)
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go for it Tao !
It would be very interesting to hear a comparison :up:

(I'm very happy with Textmaker's compatibility with Word - but couldnt really comment beyond that.)


Well, a quick glance suggests the following:

- Price:
Way up on the list of comparisin criteria is that Kingsoft is free and Softmaker is ... a "chunk" of money, for varying editions and chunks.

So when Paid fights Free, it has to "prove it".

- UI
Softmaker also has an "older/semi-classic" menu layout, different from all the Ribbons MS has been mucking with. So in general, I approve. But if memory vaguely serves, Kingsoft is very close to Excel 2003. Planmaker has "medium" item switches. K-S (MS 2003?) Data and Insert vs Softmaker Table and Insert seem to be playing musical chairs with items.

The two seem to be "mostly?" comparable. So from the price perspective a user would try Kingsoft first, and if they decide they need a "killer feature", to then check Softmaker.

btw Kingsoft Pro compares to Softmaker Pro pricewise:

* does Kingsoft have any comparison page between versions?
* can you use free version commercially? (I presume not but couldnt find any comparison)


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