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KingSoft also has a professional version that costs a "chunk" of money.

There is a comparison page here and here, I have no idea if both are the same company, the web design is different. They also have this homepage, which appears to be the same company and office suite, but with a different name. I guess stuff like this is part of why I have been a little wary of it.

SoftMaker also has a free office suite, comparison here.


It looks like that whole Kingsoft - WPS could be branding that isn't totally ironed out. A "famous" example is that Sage software bought up the construction program Timberline, and then renamed it to "Sage 300". The program MAS 90 then became "Sage 100". I found it to be a big mess!

Also, I didn't get wrapped up in "Pro" stuff - I didn't see the free version of Softmaker - I didn't look hard, but then it wasn't quite bow-wrapped either.

I'm a basic user - I eval heavily on "are the basics sane" stuff. Libre really upset me over years, and I finally gave up on them. If anyone has a link to a "free forever" version of Softmaker, post it here!

^ never heard of google duckduckgo?  :P :D

^ never heard of google duckduckgo?  :P :D
-tomos (April 22, 2015, 04:04 PM)
--- End quote ---

I might have gotten to that at some point, but it's useful to have it in the thread!

From what I can see of the screenshot, my UI comment applies still. So it will be much more than a quick "this beta will self destruct in a week" before I decide which of the two I like. Then again, there's no reason not to use them both as a whim strikes! I expect each will have a feature that's nice, and I like using tools in tandem sometimes!

So it's nice to get the "paid" part out of the discussion. I don't do macros and stuff, so I don't expect I'll need the pro version.

Hmm, 2016 looks not very different from 2012 and somewhat "uncatchy" (by means of boring). I like that the beta ends soon, this could mean that the release will follow quickly. I pity the loss of eM Client though. Thunderbird is bugware.


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