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Memory lane for motorists

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I wonder how many of us have owned how many of these.

[Originally, I managed to post a bad link. My apologies, it's been corrected.  :-[  Nobody actually called me the name that first occurred, which is another measure of the rampant civility on DC.]

you wonder how many of us have owned a bad url?

@mouser drives the point home...hur, hur hur.
I think the correct URL should probably be just up to the end of the string "history":
(How did it get the "wrong" suffix?)

Looks like some fine cars on those pages, starting with one of my fav drool cars - the AC Cobra.   :-*

Interesting collection. I've only owned 4 of these (Integra, Cherokee, Corolla, Beetle) but I've ridden in another dozen or so. :-)

Hey Chris? You need to fix your link above... ;)

It's showing as


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