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Process Tamer don't tame when Nero Vision 9 automatically detects chapters


I experimented that when I run Nero Vision 9 and then I start auto detects chapters, during a DVD creation, the Process Tamer don't change the priority to low. I setting "CPU usage trigger high" to 65 and though the Nero Vision CPU go over 85% the Process Tamer don't lower priority. :'(

Is that a 64 bit application?

No! My PC is 32 bit Celeron 550 CPU, and therefore any application must be in x86 (32 bit) mode.

In fact, the same thing happens with any program that displays a window in front of the main. As if the new window did not have the handle of the main program, or something.  :huh: In all that case the Process Tame can't tame the process.

Excuse me, but now, I do not know why, the Process Tamer seems to work properly(??!!). I do not know what happened before.  :tellme:


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