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Bug report: Screenshot Captor stops Windows logoff

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I can't log off Windows or shut down my computer with Screenshot Captor running in the systray. Every other program closes, but Windows just sits there and Screenshot Captor doesn't go away. If I close Screenshot Captor, my system can shut down or log off again.

yipe.. i guess that would be considered a bug :)
ill try to identify problem and fix this weekend...
is it reproducable? (ie happen every time? i have it running 24/7 on my machine and haven't noticed this, but i don't reboot often, and i can think of one scenario where it might happen).

the scenario i was thinking of is perhaps if there is an "unsaved" change to a file pending.

Happens every time, it's definitely reproduceable for me. I very rarely take a screenshot (once every two or three days), so I doubt it's holding any file handles open when I try. I tend to turn the laptop off about once every day.

I'll be shutting down again in about five or six hours; is there some way of asking Windows whether Screenshot Captor has any files open?

let me try to fix it this weekend - it's probably just a simple thing that im not obeying a request for system close - trying to minimize instead.


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