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Bug report: Screenshot Captor stops Windows logoff

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Excellent :-) May I compliment you on all this amazing software?

thanks! it's always nice to hear that someone likes a program.
i'll try to have a fixed version up in the next day or two for you to test-
any problem that is reproducable is usually easily to fix.

can you try this version and let me know if it solves the problem?

it's just a new exe, so copy it over existing one to use it.

I finally got the chance to try the new build. Sadly, it's still blocking me from logging off until I kill the process in Task Manager or right-click and exit. Also, it got way bigger!

what operating system are you using orange?
also, can you tell me if it exits normally if you right click and select "exit" from the tray?

i'm going to try some experiments on a vmware as soon as you tell me what os you have,
but another thing worth trying is going into options -> general settings -> close to tray.
(then make sure you use minimize button to make it go into the tray not close button which will close it).
if that works then at least its a clue.


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