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everyday life revolution

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technology has increased dramatically, but we haven't experienced it in everyday life's little inconveniences

one thing I am really bored of, is the shower

it's repetitive, waste of time, inconvenient and tedious, etc

how many times your soap dropped, how many times you were burnt or freezed to adjust the water temperature, how many minutes you spend each week to do that totally nonsense task

I am thinking of a device, that you just take off your clothes, and stand with your legs opened and with your hands in 90 degree (as davinci's human)
then it will scan your body and embrace you accordingly
it will heat you up to a specific temperature
it will water you with the correct temperature
it will shower you and massage you
then it will wash you off the soap
and will heat and dry you
all these with perfect accuracy, so that you will be 100% clean, and within seconds!!!!

then all you have to do is to go out of the bathroom and put your clothes
no freezing after getting out of the bathroom, no water running, no being wet and your clothes stick on you
the whole process can take less than 60 seconds!
wouldn't it be amazing?

clean and fresh in 30 seconds!

I imagine the same with your teeth, you put the device in your mouth and it 30 seconds you have fresh teeth!

what do you think?

Um...there are some "business establishments" on the fringes of the 'hospitality' industry that will do just that for you. For a small fee of course. :P

I think you've pretty much covered this topic between home automation, and ideas that will change society.

With your enthusiasm for the topic(s), you may be someone who gets involved in somehow 'changing the world'. Maybe you will also find some enthusiasm here, but looking at those threads again, I suspect not.

My mindset is the exact opposite of yours and I am willing to bet that your views are in the vast minority.  I think life would get pretty damn monotonous (not to mention invasive) if little things like personal hygiene were done for us on a scale you describe.  I rather enjoy taking a hot shower and don't see it as a wasteful inconvenience.

I rather enjoy taking a hot shower and don't see it as a wasteful inconvenience.
-skwire (January 26, 2015, 09:33 AM)
--- End quote ---

Agree. I enjoy a shower too. And on a few particularly bad days I've experienced recently, that morning shower was the high point of the day. :)


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