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How to create link nodes


I always manage to create them in the end, but getting there is never a straight path.
Could someone please correct my workflow:

1) I create a new node, a "real" one, I enter the path to the exe etc. All fine, never experienced any problems

2) I make a note of the ID for this new node.

3) I drill down another branch to create another new node. I use the type-dropdown on the right side to assign the type "link" to it. I enter the ID of the source node from above, ....  and then what?
Any other mandatory entries I need to make?
Sometimes I enter a caption, but it seems this is not necessary. I always click Save.

I leave the config dialog, my menu shows the functional entry from step 1 - but none of the link nodes I created. I enter the config dialog again, and do nothing different, really, other than repeating step 3 - and on these subsequent go-arounds I have always managed to somehow generate the link node. Just wondering...


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