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^Not much if at all AFAICT.

Some of it is opinion - although pretty solid opinion - in my opinion. ;D

More seriously, when it comes to storage technology, there are as many opinions as there are people to have one. And there's no recommendation that doesn't require some qualifiers be attached to it. Because a lot of it depends on what you're doing. Each of these technologies has its pros and cons. There's no universally 'perfect' or 'best' choice. Just the one that's most appropriate for a given application.


Tiering seemed very interesting. At first...then reality sets in. Doing their "promotion" scans via a once-daily batch job just doesn't do much for "real time" tiering. Basically, you are always accelerating yesterday's workload. I guess its fine if you are nice consistent and predictable promotion needs. But if they are nice and consistent and predictable then you don't really need tiering at all...just build and SSD array and store the important files there. Duh! Same story for "pinning". I already store my virtual disk files on an SSD array. Not much real benefit.

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