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They replied there was no way to upgrade to a 4-pack, but they did offer me a special price on three more licenses. Unfortunately that would still make the total price more than double what I could have bought the 4-pack for at the black friday deal if I had gotten that instead (plus upgrading four individual licenses when v7 comes around will cost much more then upgrading a 4-pack).

I guess I was just unlucky buying the wrong thing.
-Jibz (February 20, 2015, 05:50 AM)
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Sorry to hear that.  I have to admit I like the realist developer who sells you a program and says "I expect you to use it on all the machines you own personally.  You are licensed to do so."  Just makes things neater. :)

I just tried Macrium Standard Server Edition with the latest updates, using the maximum compression setting instead of the usual recommended Medium setting.  From this experience unless you absolutely have to squeeze every byte, I;d go with the recommended setting.  My 65 GB or so used on C: compresses to about 33 GB as an image file, in around 26 minutes.  Just to compare results I did another image using full compression.  The processing time rose to 38 minutes while only shaving a GB off the image file.

As it is I got a new 128GB USB3 stick.  With medium compression I should be able to fit 3 backup images(I haven't explored incremental methods etc. yet) and have room left over for regular file storage.

Incremental has won me over.  I did one after install of Visual Studio 2013.  It took about 13 minutes.  Better than 1/2 hour every time for full.  I like it.  :)

we skipped the version 6 news quite suddenly. "Macrium Reflect v6 Workstation" is on intro-offer for the rest of the month: > €61.00 Introductory Price ends 30th April 2015. Full price from 1st May 2015 will be $75 USD / €74 Euro / £53 GBP.< The word "Workstation" means good old "Pro" -("Support will not be provided to customers who use Home Edition in a business environment")- but as said by Jibz, there is no difference between Home and Workstation, except right now a buck...: "Macrium Reflect v6 Home Edition": €60.00, or 4 Pack Home Licence €119.00


I've been dithering about upgrading since January. I have two Pro licenses for version 5.x and am debating whether or not the upgrade is worth it? The few reviews that I've read on line seem to imply that there isn't much to be gained from upgrading 5->6 beyond faster startup times. Can anyone who's tried both comment?

Enquiring minds want to know. I want to know.


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