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I've been dithering about upgrading since January. I have two Pro licenses for version 5.x and am debating whether or not the upgrade is worth it? The few reviews that I've read on line seem to imply that there isn't much to be gained from upgrading 5->6 beyond faster startup times. Can anyone who's tried both comment?

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-Darwin (April 17, 2015, 11:34 AM)
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Incremental backups are available.
It's slightly easier to script for it (VBS, PowerShell, and MS-DOS).
Under the right circumstances restore can be a LOT faster.

I was on the fence about upping 4 Pro v.5 licences but decided to do it as any quirks that might arise from the final W10 will be covered by no-cost updates to 6.

5 would still be good enough—it's always worked for me.

I can verify that 6 works just fine as I recently decided that the way around a particular issue was simply to restore a 2-day-old backup.


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