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Macrium Reflect version 6 is supposed to be released "in the next few weeks" according to an email I got from Macrium Sales.

I contacted Sales for Macrium Reflect regarding my registered version 4.2 of Reflect Standard edition and the upgrade to Macrium Reflect 5.3 Standard.  They emailed me back about the issue and also sent me a coupon code for an additional 40% discount on the upgrade.

One is not supposed to publish the code and I have not.  But I suggested on another board a Macrium user contact Sales using the Support Page Form and perhaps he would be contacted with the deal.  Sure enough they emailed him his own discount code.

The email also noted that nyone who now upgrades to 5.3 will be given a free upgrade to 6 when it comes out.  If you already have Macrium 5.3 then I guess there's a cutoff date for the free upgrade to 6.

Best bet if you are committed to Macrium Reflect is to contact sales using the form.

I'm downloading Macrium Reflect 5.3 Standard now.  Because it also downloads WinPE 5.0 the download is about 450 MB.

After applying the coupon the cost to upgrade to Reflect 5.3 Standard from 4.2 is $20.24 if no sales tax applies.  The coupon had a 7 day expiration so I had to decide to use it without knowing exactly what will be in v. 6.  But the free 5.3 seems to work on my Laptop.  For $20 it seems like a good buy.

I'm a big fan of macrium reflect.  Very fast, very stable, no bloat.

I'm a big fan of macrium reflect.  Very fast, very stable, no bloat.
-mouser (January 23, 2015, 10:04 AM)
--- End quote ---

I tried it out.  The C: partition on my Laptop is 65 GB GPT.  It imaged it to a USB 3.0 stick in 1/2 hour. (It's an A-Data stick.  Not very fast but inexpensive and rugged.)  The image size is about 32 GB.  I'm curious to see what will be new in v. 6.0.  :)

I got a response from Macrium with a link to the new Macrium Reflect 6 Server Edition.  They were kind enough to also provide a license key for me.  I am not allowed to share the key but the download link will run as a 30 day trial without it.  Note that it downloads the WinPE 5.0 bringing the download size to about 460 MB.

Macrium Reflect Standard Server Edition NFR Trial Link

Edit:  The link is to an exe(the downloader) but there's no way to go to the page as it's not accessible to the public yet.

Edit2:  I haven't used the Server Edition before.  Aside from scheduling and incremental/differential options the most interesting feature is a Delta algorithm that is supposed to speed up the restore process.  I did a backup but until I have a guinea pig machine I'm not going to restore just to test it.  :)  The backup went as expected. The backup image is about 50% the size of my C: partition.


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