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Steven Avery:
memonic is a hybrid web and desktop notetaking app from Switzland. freemium style, modest cost.
It looked like they were honoring the Bits Du Jour discount, last I checked.

The Facebook page is last updated 2012

The Twitter feed is current.

Apparently they have a Salesforce-related add-on that is popular.The Desktop App means it does not easily get lost in the Tab Maze. (Chat programs HipChat and Pidgin were other recent examples for me where the Desktop App really helps. Similarly the NoteZilla memoboards.)

Menomic has a full RTF editor, receives pics from the clipboard nicely, a tree structure and good sharing capabilities. Make a page public and you might have a

1) de facto blog post or
2) project info at work online, very visible

In a way that is hard to accomplish with various other tools.  I'm considering using it for that dual purpose mainly.  (Note: apparently does not have column capabilities.)

Possibly a quasi-word processor article holding place (alternatives: Atlantis WP and RightNote).  Especially if it is unicode happy.  That would be an interesting 3-tool comparison, where each tool represents a genre.  Maybe I should check the HootSuite type of tool as well, which is supposed to be a place-holder for multi-blogs. Then add Google Docs and Drive with helpers in the mix as another alternative.  I write up some articles on Bible issues that might want to take a Greek or Hebrew font, so that is why I mention unicode.

Menomic seems to have flown under the radar by the Evernote, Onenote, Ubernote, craze.
Plus all the web collaboration and planner and web note programs.  

Yet it might fill a hybird niche very nicely.  Anybody using it?  
Should we put in some pics?


Looks/sounds interesting.



Should we put in some pics?
-Steven Avery (January 28, 2015, 01:37 AM)
--- End quote ---
if you're testing it, that would be great!

The price is $28 per year  :-\

They have a so-called free version, allowing 100 notes. I think the proper name is a demo version.

But they are clearly targeting all kinds of users:

Steven Avery:
The first year at any rate is 1/2 with the Bits Du Jour thing.

$14/yr or $28/yr is fine by me ... if the tool becomes a major part of my notes and writing system.  Especially if it helps get up pages quickly that are more interesting than a blog post.

However, I probably won't really give it a try yet .. maybe in a week or two.



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