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Custom alias icon issue Win7

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Hi, Custom alias icons doesn't show on my Win7 computer. They do work on another Win 8 machine.

I can reproduce the problem by creating an alias under myaliases with this in the result box

--- Code: Text ---test | C:\test.txt /icon=test.icoand copy test.ico to same folder as myaliases.alias (under C:\users\[current user]\ ...).
The icon isn't shown in FARR on my Win7 computer.

I have tried: FARR restart, reboot, FARR reinstall, refresh icon cache in Windows, change default application for .ico files, different files, different icon files.

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A question: If you specify an absolute path for the icon, does it work in that case?

You mean like this?

--- Code: Text ---test | C:\test.txt /icon=C:\folder\test.icoNo same problem then.

even in the beta, it's not showing custom icons on any aliases?!?

try this: type "cpanel"

all of those cpanel aliases use a custom specified icon.

do those all show up without displaying nice icons?

If none show icons, can you try going into the options to the Tweaks and Debugging tab, and make sure you don't have one of those 2 options checked that say to disable icons.


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