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wireless networking and wifi printer help

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The much more sedate windows name resolution (NetBIOS) frequently suffers at the hands of overzealous security software blocking the name broadcasts causing them to not resolve. Typically this is mitigated by using a static address for the printer, and pointing the print driver's port at the static address.-Stoic Joker (March 03, 2015, 07:04 AM)
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You have just answered a problem I was having with a friend's network printer ... have a beer on me  :Thmbsup:

Go to a Goodwill resale store or equivalent and pick up a perfectly good G router for $10 or less.  Linksys WRT54G's seem to be hitting these stores in large numbers and I had one for years and never had a problem.  It is fast enough for printing. If it doesn't work Goodwill takes returns - if you don't wait too long.

As others said, cable the printer direct to the router and eliminate any wireless issues from that leg. 


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