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Onscreen notification in Windows8 Similar to Outlook incoming mail but for other


If this utility does not exists it should.  I have searched through google for the pst hour or so asking the question every way I could think of an keep batt8ing zero.
I would like a way to create the exact same temporary popup with sound and everything exactly like the one used by outlook for incoming emails and be able to position it where I want on the screen with whatever sound and color and message is appropriate. Then use it to notify me of any number of important occurrences which are currently only displayed by tiny changes in taskbar icons.
Some utilities I know do come with their own.  Those for temperature warnings and such IF you have the software that uses it.
Isn't there some generic utility or at least a way to control the one used by Outlook to make similar notifications based on a wider ranges of subjects?
If Program X is in condition Y then display notice Z on screen:for n number of seconds.  That kind of thing.
The outlook utility itself, if it could be modifies would be a perfect example of How To proceed.  But it seems to be Only For Outlook.

I decided to "cast a wider net" as someone here always has the answers to anything  :)

I'd have a look at Growl for Windows, maybe you have applications that support it?

Maybe a tool like 'RainMeter' might do?

By default, it tracks a lot of system info that can be shown/heard in a myriad of ways. It used to be so that you could write your own extensions (or mods...or whatever the creators call this functionality) that could combine all kinds of meters/trackers/triggers to your hearts desire.

I have only seen screenshots, no hands-on experience with it. But, from what I remember, its capabilities might prove to be your solution.

Thanksto both of you.  Two is a good start.  I expected 4WD to throw in something, he usually comes up with a script to do anything.  Most work!  :)  Just kidding 4WD your Help has always been some of the best.  I am going to check out Growl and Rainmeter.
I hope you can see what I mean by my question though.  There are any number of Important issues that are totally ignore by people where I work becasue they dont know that if the tiny icon in the taskbar has a yellow exclamation mark it means to >>> [email protected]!!LOOK AT ME <<< as I have something IMPORTANT to tell you.  Many updates and errors and all kinds of things go ignored for so long that by the time I get involved it is a total catastrophe.  When I point this out, they always say they just didn't know.  And it is TRUE.  Even AVAST and MBAM will barely 'Bleep'  if they need updates and the ones they do pop out, people are usually busy and minimize and once that is done they don't come back

Shame I didn't think of this in time for the 2015 NANY lists  maybe someone would have written it as it seems a perfect Need with no solution that could be used by many people.
It seems that something could  be done with one of the programming tools similar to AHK since all it needs is a way to match a given condition to the displaying of a matching message.

Another minor point, Is there anything I can add that will allow me to create preset error corrections on this site?  Like in Outlook, where (as a bad typist) I am always hitting the same wrong keys when typing a word, i could tell the spell-check that any time i enter "speel"  it would get corrected to "spell" and achieve auto-correct for Forum entries?   Not to mention the ubiquitous single character "i" that I always MEANT to put "I"  Took me a while to even train OUTLOOK on that one


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