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What do you want to ask Edward Snowden? Now you can!


VoL is collecting questions from people for an interview with Ed Snowden.

Ask NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Your Questions

An Epidemic of Truth-Telling with Edward Snowden

Voices of Liberty Proudly Presents:
An Exclusive Session with NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden

In a Voices of Liberty exclusive event, Edward Snowden will reveal his political ideas, positions on issues and provide insight on how to cause an epidemic of truth-telling, as called for by former Congressman Ron Paul.
Be sure to participate in the poll below to show your position on Edward Snowden as a hero or traitor.

Ask Edward Snowden your question!

Today YOU have an opportunity to pose the burning question you’ve always wanted to ask Edward Snowden! We are accepting submissions and will select from among them the questions we will ask Edward Snowden in an upcoming interview. Your question could have a chance to be heard and answered by the famous NSA whistleblower. So what are you waiting for?

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I'm curious as to how he'd respond to comments about him (the issues he raises) being a limited hangout.

Nothing really. I think I understand perfectly why he did what he did.

And despite all the revelations made through news agencies (which are already starting to wrap it up as "old news") NOTHING has changed in any material way. In fact it's gotten far worse now that those responsible are doubling down, openly covering for each other, and saying "Too damn bad! Sue me!" while flipping the bird in response to each subsequent revelation.

If nobody cares, Snowden wasted his time. And nuked much of what passes for a normal life.

On second thought...I do have one question:

How's the food?


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