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*NIX: Commands / software to verify partition backups / clones?

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Am trying out a cloning dock -- one of those things that let's one clone a drive to another without the use of a PC.

Would like to verify the results though -- perhaps not every time.

I'm currently doing something like:

md5sum /dev/sda1
md5sum /dev/sdaN

--- End quote ---

for N partitions and comparing with analogous results from the other drive.

I'm not that concerned about MBR / GPT metadata at the moment.  (Thought of just doing the whole drive (e.g. /dev/sda) but then realized that drive sizes differ some times :))

Also tried the cksum command as perhaps that's good enough to detect errors.  I/O is probably so much more of a bottleneck that may be there won't be a detectable difference...

Any favorites or recommendations for this sort of procedure?

Some numbers and additional details:

Cloning a c. 320 GB drive has taken around 80 min (have done this a couple of times now).

Verifying (i.e. using the md5sum program above on 4 partitions) I didn't track very closely, but it may have exceeded an hour total.

Three of the partitions contained ext4 filesystems and the fourth was swap -- yes, working with the swap partition was probably pointless :)

What tool are you using to do the backup?  Good ol' Rsync? Cp?  

In the case of Rsync, use the --log-file option to keep a log of all transfers and then grep the log for incompletes.

--- ---rsync --log-file=$HOME/rsync.log [file syncing bits here]  
In the case of cp, you could use crccp (part of the crcsum tools) from  here:
which will do CRC hash checks on all copy operations.

... or use ZFS  :-[

IMO it's just easier to use Clonezilla. Get an inexpensive dual-drive dock, plug it in and have at it. I've never encountered a data corruption issue doing it that way either for Windows or Linux.

Thanks for the replies.

My recent tool of choice has been Clonezilla for some time but that ties up a machine (and the process of setting up the backup is not a process I enjoy physically as well as ncursesly) so I'm experimenting with a dock that doesn't require a PC.

The dock is a dual drive dock -- one nice feature is that it's clear which slot is the source and which is the target.  There is a progress indicator so one can get a rough sense of how much to wait.

After looking around some more I see that there are docks that can perform verification of some sort, but have not found one in a price range that seems acceptable -- plus I just got one...

May be it'll be worth writing a small verification script...attaching the dock to a PC after finishing the clone and running a comparison in the background seems better than doing the backup via a dock / PC combination but perhaps that's not actually a very useful illusion :)

Ah, hadn't realized you were using an all-hardware solution.  In that case, checksums should do just fine.


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