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bhaha indeed if I was preparing an assignment I wouldn't get any help at all from these posts!

I want a mechanical tiger. :) Full size. Fake fur no problem.
There was once a short story possibly in a science fiction anthology about a guy who ordered a mechanical tiger, and used to take it for walks at night.
It's eyes would glow affectionately.
One day (jeez, I read this, like decades ago) I think he asked it to jump a puddle, and it got wet.
So then it began to malfunction over time, but it always acted like a big tame tabby cat with glowing eyes.

FWIW - A year or three ago (I forget), my mother was complaining to me about someone down the street who has an overgrown front yard. She described it as extremely overgrown. I told her to be thankful that they had that freedom. You can quite literally lose your home in some places for it.
-Renegade (January 14, 2015, 09:20 PM)
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My town has an 'eyesore' ordinance. Fortunately, they seem to have confined the actual enforcement of it to property that includes trash piles, signs of illegal dumping, or 'abandoned' (i.e. unrepairable, rusting and unregistered) motor vehicles. The ordinance provides for graduated fines - and in extreme cases - property seizure.

To date, the town has limited its focus primarily to undeveloped property and limited its enforcement to fines and consent decrees that required the owner clean up their property. However, the ordinance is so broadly worded that there's no reason why they would have to. I don't believe any property has been seized. To date anyway. But it would be interesting to see what would happen if somebody were to decide to start a honeybee and chicken farm on their front lawn. Or just do it up as a natural wooded lot...especially if !!!CHILDREN!!! were living on the same street.

-40hz (January 14, 2015, 09:43 PM)
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We used to have a bee hive in a dirt-paved alley I would use as a shortcut near our house.
I never bothered it, and it never bothered me.
Except I had the senseless habit of going barefoot sometimes and stepped on a bee once and got stung on the bottom of my foot.
My foot swelled for three days and itched insanely.
I know now, the treatment for that is to apply a bandage with a paste of baking soda and water, and keep it moist and fresh.


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