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Beware of download sites

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Similarly, I still use MajorGeeks, and I believe them to still be above-board. But I may be wrong.


 .. no gizmo's ?   :(  Gizmo's introduced me to DC.
-crabby3 (January 14, 2015, 06:08 AM)
--- End quote ---
tnx. ^gizmo's added to my last post & personal list :)

I didn't say 'yea or nay' to majorgeeks and leave that call to others.

And this might be a good time to toot our own horn and say thank you to everyone who has donated to the website over the last 9+ years.

* We have always been able to host our own software on our own server and been able to do so even as we started hitting huge numbers of downloads (about a terrabyte per month).
* We have never bundled anything with any of our downloads -- no adware, crapware, malware, toolbars.. nothing.
* Other than an occasional experiment -- a month here and there -- the website itself has remained entirely advertisement free.
Those things have been made possible because of the generous donations from normal folks like you who help pay for our $400/month hosting costs.  So, thank you for helping keep DonationCoder clean and annoyance-free.
And a bonus thank you to the volunteers on the forum who help keep the forum fun and free of drama!

^drama queens, agreed.
Asian dramas, that's 'another story'. :)

Okay, about safe/unsafe download sites, what about sourceforge?

Steven Avery:
Nice list.. ready for bookmark action.


Some go out of their way to send you to the source site:

I know Sourceforge can allow the people they host to have bundled junk.  I'm not aware that they add anything.



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