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Cutting out an image from it's background..


Hi All, so let's say I have an image, a red car, that I'm trying to remove from it's white rectangular background as I only want the car to paste onto my rectangular background color.

So, I know how to do the essential first part via the Magic Wand(Global I think?), Inverting and then I believe cropping..

This seems to remove the white background leaving me with just the desired red car.

That being said, when I then Save it, I have the desired item now resting on the Screenshot Capture Grey rectangular background..

So, I go from removing the white background to now having a grey background..which doesn't look good with the white background of my website.

How can I only remove the car, save it and then paste the car just by itself onto my white website page?

Thanks so much,


That being said, when I then Save it, I have the desired item now resting on the Screenshot Capture Grey rectangular background..
-xbeatle (January 11, 2015, 08:04 AM)
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haven't done this myself, but just wondering, have you checked how the image looks in a different image viewer? Or on your website even.
It is possible that the grey background is actually transparent - and showing SC's default grey background through the image - which is what you need.

Hey Tom, thanks for responding..

So, I have uploaded many iterations of the Global Wand - Invert - Crop process and they all seem to maintain some kind of background.

One version was the red car resting on a white background which I thought I had separated but alas, when I pasted it onto my website, the white background was included..You can see the subtle difference in white between the original background and my websites white page...

The Grey version clearly shows as Grey..regardless of the process listed above.

It would be great if someone could confirm if I'm doing something incorrectly in the process.

I get it to the point where the image is highlighted by the dashed line boundary(Global Wand - Invert).

From here, I'm a bit sketchy on what the correct process is..

If I then use the Crop function, it gets rid of the original background but the desired image is now resting on the SC grey background..which transfers when I upload the image to my site.

I've experimented with leaving the last step(Cropping) out and just saving the highlighted image..but that transfers with the original white boundary

Hopefully, someone will be able to clarify.


Let me clarify a few things.

By default, when you crop out a background, SC knows that it is transparent, and will save the background as truly transparent.

By default I mean when you use the PNG format (which is capable of saving transparency), and use standard save function in Screenshot Captor.

If you are using the SaveAs function, there is a specific option for whether you want to save transparency in that case.  Similarly, if you save as a bmp or jpg, then you will lose transparency.

So the first thing you need to make a test image using your cropping procedure, and save as normal, and UPLOAD (ATTACH) that image to one of your posts here.  Then we can look at it and tell you if in fact it has background transparency.

Assuming it does, then the next step would be to figure out why the way you are displaying it on your web page is not resulting in what you expect.


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