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Cuba's awesome SNet - possibly the ulltimate homebrew network hack!


Tired of poor or non-existent networking services? How about you build your own 'off the map' network like some Cubans did?

Hardly ideal by any definition, but when you don't have any, even "a little" is sometimes worth pursuing.

This from The Register (full article here.)

Cubans defy government's home internet ban with secret home-made network
26 Jan 2015 at 18:18, Simon Rockman

Cubans are fighting back against restrictions on their use of internet with SNet, a secret network. Also known as StreetNet, it pools the resources of citizens, who are effectively prohibited from using the internet.

The Washington Post reports that while the full fat internet in Cuba is government-controlled – home internet is banned and the government controls uber-expensive access in hotels and internet cafes – a local proxy has been set up which links 9,000 computers on the island. Using CAT5 strung from house to house and hidden Wi-Fi antennas, the Cuban network repurposes equipment to create a massive intranet.

It clearly has a level of control with gaming servers and online communities. Cuba has a top level domain – .cu – and is recognised by ICANN, but access for ordinary individuals is controlled by the government and priced way beyond their reach. It appears that the authorities are turning a blind eye to SNet, which in turn is policed by volunteers to ensure that it’s not used for (other) illegal activities or porn. Lack of connections to the wider internet helps ensure the government doesn’t act to shut down SNet...
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