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Spam complications

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Hans L:

My new email host has SpamAssassin, but while I asked questions about it (as a new customer), I could get responses only after telling them that I would be glad to let the world know about their policy of ignoring new customers. Their subsequent answers made me understand that they only knew one thing: how to advise their customers to set the SpamAssassin score to a lower number. Of teaching SpamAssassin, they knew nothing. However, they were very willing to help, 24/7 :-). Of a cron job to teach SpamAssassin, they knew not whether THEIR shared server would allow it, and they knew not the correct code to use.

I then considered my own email server, but was talked out of it. So, as I see it, I have two options: threaten my host again, forcing them to respond responsibility, or leave my host for another one. The thing is that this host came highly recommended as a great spam fighter, so I now wonder how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Would anyone here have any other ideas, or any knowledge about where to find a host who offers teaching of SpamAssassin (or a similar spam-fighting program)?

I am new in this group, and hope that my problem fits in.


Hans L

For the record, Hans is a longtime, online friend of mine that I asked to post here with his question.  He's been an active member of the Becky email client mailing list that I've run on YahooGroups for nearly ten years now.  =]  Help him out!

Welcome to the site, Hans!
I have had struggles with SpamAssassin in the past -- it can be very helpful but confusing.

Also, for the record, I've run my own email server for over ten years so I use, and I'm plenty familiar with, Spam Assassin and such.  However, what I'm not familiar with is how this sort of thing is handled when email is hosted by a third-party.  And, because I host all my own servers, I'm not up-to-snuff on good, fairly-priced hosting providers.  Hence, my request for Hans to post here when he asked for my help regarding his email issues.  I hope that helps to clear things up a bit.

@Hans; welcome  :up:

this link just to make sure you know about it:


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