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Open Source News anyone ?

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As they say in French. "tant qu'il y a des hommes, il y aura des hommeries!"
Or, as an Italian teacher would say "la perfezione non e' di questo mondo!"

There is one "reporter" from the mainstream for whom i have much admiration.
Which i could master the English language as well as he does:
Rex Murphy "I am not Charlie Hebdo"

You know, we may complain or worry about various Islamic terrorist groups, but what are doing about people who belong to our own terrorist groups i.e. Hell's Angels and the like?

Stoic Joker:
You know, we may complain or worry about various Islamic terrorist groups, but what are doing about people who belong to our own terrorist groups i.e. Hell's Angels and the like?-dantheman (January 12, 2015, 07:56 AM)
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The Hell's Angels are not a terrorist group, they are either a "Motorcycle Club"...or a "Criminal Enterprise" ... Depending on the nature and tone of whatever news report is being spin doctored about them.

IF the HA's start getting labeled as "Terrorist Groups" by the MSM and friends...then you can bet your ass that the Boy Scouts of America - and bible clubs of Montgomery, Alabama, etc.. - are going to be following close behind them. Because at that point the 'End" won't be will be almost over.

Hell's Angels = Boy Scouts - i like that!
Would be similar to saying, Harley Davidson's don't make noise or air pollution.  :P

About recent mass media interventions...
I really liked it when i first heard (chronologically) from the Mass Media that:
1. The Interview was not going to be shown in theaters.
2. Then Sony was hacked by North Korea.
3. The Interview was going to be shown in selected theaters.
4. U.S. does economic sanctions on N.K.

Talk about a nice cinematographic montage promotion (deception)!

+1 w/Stoic earlier.

Most real criminal organizations have no use for terrorism. They don't want the fabric of society disrupted. That leads to economic problems which directly interfere with their ability to fleece their victims. Organized crime in particular tends to be very conservative, nationalistic, and patriotic. In the case of the USA, where would the profit be in crime if there weren't The American Dream driving the prosperity criminals feed off? Or without laws on the books (that enough people don't agree with) to provide them with ready and profitable markets for their goods and services?

The last thing criminals want is chaos. "Business as usual" is their bread and butter.  8)

Just watch. In some-odd-years organised crime will be "black" (read "free") marketing things like cucumber and tomato seeds, blankets, water, batteries, electricity, gasoline/petrol, real milk, fresh fruit & vegetables, baking soda, gardening supplies, kitchen knives & utensils, etc.

I know everyone will think I'm either kidding and being sarcastic, or paranoid.

See this. Or this, or this, or this.

Or this, or this, or this, or this.

Or this.

Or this, or this.

Or this.

So, for their "black" market activities, I think it's a good idea to support "organised crime".

And just to finish off...

These everyday angels were Hell’s Angels

In the early 1960s, my wife, Anne Sarsfield Martin; our 3-year-old daughter, Leslie Jane Marshall (who now lives in Oregon); and I drove from San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge to see the giant redwoods in Muir Woods.

There was little traffic, especially on the side roads. We were passing through an isolated area when we had a flat tire. And when I opened the trunk, I discovered the spare was also flat.

We waited for more than two hours, and no cars came by. Finally, we heard a rumbling noise approaching. It was a group of about 15 Hell’s Angels on their Harley-Davidsons. They pulled over and, needless to say, I was quite apprehensive. We were sitting on a fallen tree, and they all joined us there.

Two of the ladies riding with them asked whether we had eaten. I told them no, so one of them opened a saddlebag and brought us sandwiches and juice. The guys asked if I needed help in changing the tire and I explained the spare was flat. They told us not to worry, and two of them took the tires, somehow strapped them to the back of their bikes, and roared off.

The rest stayed with us and seemed to have a good time playing with our daughter, who loved all the attention.

About an hour later, the two returned with both tires repaired. When I got up to help put the tire back on the car, they told me to just relax. In no time at all, they had one tire on the ground and the other stored in the trunk. I tried to pay them for the garage bill and their time, but they refused to accept anything.

After handshakes and some back-slapping, they drove off. I know that the Hell’s Angels, as well as other motorcycle groups, get bad publicity, but you will never hear any of that from us. We would never call them gangs. Now, whenever I pass a group of bikers, I make it a point to wave.

You never know who will be your angel.
--- End quote ---


"When we do right, nobody remembers. When we do wrong, nobody forgets."
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