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Open Source News anyone ?

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Okay, a similar thread was posted at Gizmo's (no catches).
I know there are Corbett fans here but i think James Corbett deserves some real "open" support.
Not only is he Canadian (hé), but a Canuck living in Japan (of all places!).
So, why would James be better than others like Glenn Beck and the likes?
Well, one, he doesn't step over anybodies toes (Sean Hannity ring a bell?).
He lets his interviewed people talk without criss-crossing over them with his own opinions.

So... where is the FED listed in your telephone book?

I support The Corbett Report with a monthly subscription. He does amazing work.

The only one i've come to appreciate after James would be Alex Jones.
Alex reminds me of the days of "Mad Dog Vachon" (wrestler of days gone bye).
He really muffed up in an interview with Pierce Morgan and like Hannity, he is constantly criss-crossing over others with his opinions or comments. But Alex does touch on with some good points.

Do like James best for he simply and constantly digs deep into issues like no other and his open, polite attitude deserves and calls for respect.

AJ's reputation stops a lot of people from actually listening to what he says. The majority of his show is just news articles from AP or Reuters or Al Jazeera or whatever, and then he comments on them. Often in a rant. :)

James on the other hand is very articulate and calm. He's also much slower to pass any kind of judgement/verdict. When he does speculate, he's clear about that.

There are other journalists and pundits that I like, e.g. Michael Snyder, "Tyler Durden", Luke Rudowski, Dan Dicks, Peter Schiff, Jeff Berwick, Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, Bruce Levine, etc.

I don't agree with everything they all say. That's one of the problems with how a lot of people view XYZ - they seem to feel that they need to agree with XYZ 100% or hate them. Heck, I like Bernie Sanders but I disagree with most of his ideas. Same for Alan Grayson - I like the fellow, and he has a lot of good ideas, and a lot of bad ones as well.

But, it's nice to see more and more variety in media springing up. MSNBC, CNN, BBC, ABC, etc., are all pretty much useless tools now. PressTV is probably more reliable than the BBC now.

PressTV, hum... never heard about them before and never thought i'd be visiting Iran for some news! Cool!  :Thmbsup:
Just hope the NSA doesn't mind it too much.
You've given a bunch of names hitherto unknown to me.
Then again. I'm not much of a news person.
I know someone who is but all in the wrong arena (CBC, and the likes).
Not sure he would understand James (at least not at first).
The shock treatment would be like what i heard about an Indian (from India of course) who, coming into Canada had to learn to re-express himself in English (his English was to correct for our so-called advanced "culture").


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