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Tempered Glass 2 Gnome Theme


I found Tempered Glass theme on Deviant Art.  ( Edit : I posted about it a couple months ago but the link in the article was dead.   )  Now there is a version 2 available.  Seems like it must be installed by hand.  Here's the link:

Tempered Glass 2

For reference, here's the previous thread about Tempered Glass.

Nice theme!

But I'm a more inclined towards Vibrancy Colors myself. I much prefer "flat" themes and icons. YMMV.

If I had better video the black background might be cool.  But I admit I'm a sucker for transparency/translucency.  I don't mind a fractal flame wallpaper.  But for window elements opaque doesn't grab me.

I remember there was a theme for OS/2 that was so 3D that dialogs were not only beveled, but riveted.  :)  Funny how styles fluctuate.

Edit:  I've gotten lazy and left icons on my desktop.  ( A W8 Laptop btw.  )


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