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QTTabbar (now at version 1024) is once again my favourite

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Curt: and

QTTabBar ver 1024 (2014-12-24) New

 - Extends Explorer by tabs and extra folder views
 - Plugins... Further expansion

 - Free/Donationware
 - Multiple-language support by contributors
 - for Windows7 & Windows8 & Windows8.1 (32bit/64bit) + .net Framework 4.0-QuizoApps
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1024 has also been tested with Windows 10.

01 start

02 bottomtabbar

03 leftcommandbar










QTTabbar 1024

QTTabbar Options

plugins & extra buttons and

Wow! Looks pretty awesome! I just downloaded and installed it, but I'm too lazy to logout and log back in, so I'll test it out later.

I've used older versions of this. This is just what the doctor ordered if you need something just a wee bit more powerful than stock Explorer, but you don't want to go full throttle with a full-blown replacement file manager.

Glad to see it is still around and being actively developed.

It's unclear to me:
does it do dual-pane - or are the multiple panes always showing the same location?

It's unclear to me:
does it do dual-pane - or are the multiple panes always showing the same location?
-tomos (January 09, 2015, 03:48 AM)
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Explorer windows get multi-tabbed, is the main feature.  I tried a mod version done by the other guy some time ago.  It seemed stable enough.  But the main thing that gripes me with these single pane multi-tabbed deals is I try to drag a bunch of files to another tab and they disappear into a random subfolder, if there are any, in the target tab.  Then I have to hunt them down.  Not really convenient.  I feel more comfortable with dual pane multi-tabbed.

I downloaded this one and tried to get it going but it seemed to be hosed by the fact I had Classic Shell installed. I could not access the Folder Options down arrow to enable it.  I had a tough time uninstalling both.  So I went back to classic shell since I'm on W8 and I'm used to having it.


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