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QTTabbar (now at version 1024) is once again my favourite

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Where is the executable from QTTabbar.
What am i doing bad ?-Contro (February 02, 2015, 01:29 PM)
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QTTabbar is a DLL, not an exe.

You may not get to like this program. As you have noticed, people that we admire for their understanding of computers, still don't understand how to use QTTabbar. I certainly don't understand how to use it, either - I am not the one  playing with the settings! In my mind, one thing is certain; you have to STUDY the manual   (or read Japanese?)

-Curt (February 04, 2015, 06:06 PM)
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Curt. I come again because i have interest in the program.

Running to study the manual. Searching now.


Edited : found the help :

"ay mi cabecita" . I am not able to find the install instructions in the help.
Continue searching to put the link

Curt really this tool is not for dummies. But I will do. I promise.

P.D. I have found a forummmm !!!!!!!!

Now is question of time...

kip kip hurraaaaaaa    :)

Good news.
In the past i used qttabbar.
Even i have a profile in the forum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My God !!!!!!

I have problems in the forum.
Recognize mi profile from january 2009 but i can't see any posts.

I have tried with firefox, chrome and opera.

I continue

Best Regards

I find a tutorial to install the program may serve my purposes

I think this is the type of programs specially made for me.

I got it. I got it !!!!!!

now is question of time....
 ;D ;D


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