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QTTabbar (now at version 1024) is once again my favourite

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FileBX.exe is in my task administrator.

Where is the executable from QTTabbar.

What am i doing bad ?


thanks for the pointer(s)...still no go concerning ExtraView (neither bottom, nor left), whichever way I try to get there (including the one suggested by you).

All I get is this, see pic., i.e. the ExtraView area opens but nothing can be opened in/tranferred to it (including no tabs, no command buttons etc). Any old way I try to get things "to the ExtraView", all navigation happens within the DefaultView area, worse even: if I try to use a Keyboard shortcut to "move active tab to extraview", the tab (correctly) disappears from default view but never "arrives" in Extraview, ie it effectifely closes.

Any ideas? Any special settings necessary?

It's unclear to me:
does it do dual-pane - or are the multiple panes always showing the same location?
-tomos (January 09, 2015, 03:48 AM)
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Explorer windows get multi-tabbed, is the main feature.  I tried a mod version done by the other guy some time ago.  It seemed stable enough.  But the main thing that gripes me with these single pane multi-tabbed deals is I try to drag a bunch of files to another tab and they disappear into a random subfolder, if there are any, in the target tab.  Then I have to hunt them down.  Not really convenient.  I feel more comfortable with dual pane multi-tabbed.

I downloaded this one and tried to get it going but it seemed to be hosed by the fact I had Classic Shell installed. I could not access the Folder Options down arrow to enable it.  I had a tough time uninstalling both.  So I went back to classic shell since I'm on W8 and I'm used to having it.

-MilesAhead (January 09, 2015, 10:45 AM)
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Classic Shell!  Seriously...I can't live without it.  If you need to tame Windows 8, go no further.

As far as I know, Classic shell (by default) adjust Windows Explorer to have it work like Windows 7 again. Could it be that these changes cause QTabbar to fail? You can disable the changes Classic Shell makes in Windows Explorer.

Windows 8 without Classic Shell....yeah,! The modern interface of Server 2012 is (much) more agreeable, add CS to that OS and it becomes even more excellent.

Where is the executable from QTTabbar.
What am i doing bad ?-Contro (February 02, 2015, 01:29 PM)
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QTTabbar is a DLL, not an exe.

You may not get to like this program. As you have noticed, people that we admire for their understanding of computers, still don't understand how to use QTTabbar. I certainly don't understand how to use it, either - I am not the one  playing with the settings! In my mind, one thing is certain; you have to STUDY the manual   (or read Japanese?)


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