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Can anyone help break "router block"?

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On the subject of reviews, for modems and routers you will never get a consensus good or bad. TVs, computers and anything else you can name will never match modems and routers in that sense, believe me I know this.  You will have to go by one source you trust (for whatever reason) like for example here DC.

I have been using this Netgear since October 2011, and it has been solid. However, one beginner's problem was that the included firewall was on per default...  (maybe see

Content Filtering > Block sites

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Can anyone help break "router block"?

Content Filtering > Services:

Thanks for the tips and feedback, everyone! @SeraphimLabs, special thanks for your mini run down of OpenWRT, DD-WRT and Tomato!

The idea to download the manual for any one I'm considering was a great suggestion, too. Should have thought of that!


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