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PatchPae is a Windows patch to enable Windows 7 32-bit to run up to 128GB of ram.
You can only run it with an N-Vidia card, which I have.
I tried installing the patch in cmd prompt with admin rights, and failed.
I wonder if there is any chance of someone creating an auto-loader/installer/patcher, or if one exists?

Stoic Joker:
Forcing PAE into an OS isn't going to help with software that isn't designed to use it.

This just strikes me as a bit silly...and patching core OS files is really quite dangerous.

The only thing this type of kind of patches are good for, is to test your backup(s).

32-bit operating systems have their limits.You would better respect these, because you will invite lots more misery than you are willing to handle much(!) sooner than you think.

If your software demands lots of hardware resources, get a 64-bit operating system. 32-bit operating systems have had their hay-day, get over it.

In general, 32-bit operating systems are nice for basic consumer computers such as HTPCs/laptops/netbooks and the like. With those devices you want to apply the least amount of hardware resources you can get away with to keep either battery or energy consumption down. Or if you still need/want to use 16-bit software.

For the rest, don't consider anything less than 64-bit operating systems nowadays. For years none of the software I use and/or apply required me to go back to a 32-bit OS.

Heh.  This reminds me of an old Dos utility that allowed graphics card memory to be "stolen" and used as expanded memory when in video "text mode."  I imagine someone used the pae patch for some database or other software that needed the memory space.  It sounds like a situation where there's no budget for hardware but there is excess software development time available.  IOW, I suspect somebody got a graduate student to cook this up to jury rig some task that had to be finished.

I'm with Shades.  It likely will cause more grief than joy.  :)

OK. Tnx everyone for the head's-up.


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