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Option to toggle uploading from post-capture dialog

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Most of the time I send screenshots it's to quickly and temporarily share something instantly, but sometimes I want to hold off uploading until after I edit (one or more images).

I wish there was a way to toggle uploading (and maybe also post-cap command line options?) from the post-capture dialog. Not quite sure how to do it though. Maybe one checkbox or a dropdown option for all the Save buttons "... and do not upload".

I'm a fairly casual user, but I imagine this could be a handy feature for people regularly taking/making documentation images too.

In the same spirit of adding flexibility around uploading (I use a custom python script I plan to share some time), Is there a way to upload multiple selections? I tried and it seemed to only upload one of them.

EDIT: Just remembered a completely separate feature idea I had earlier. Text size automatically scaling with the size of the text box. Would be much quicker to slap text on that way.

Thanks for everything

No interest it seems. :(

Sorry I should have replied to this earlier.. I like the idea, and I will try to add it -- perhaps a simply toggle in "After Capture" tray menu?

Thanks :)

Often 9/10 images will be good to upload without editing, and one in the middle will require it. That's why I'd like to see it on the post-capture dialog as opposed to buried in the tray menu. Also workable would be for me to disable uploading by default and to have a new hotkey for uploading or something. The idea is just to choose on-the-fly somehow.

Perhaps we might be talking past each other -- you know there is a Upload item in the post-capture dialog -- its under the "Send to.." button.

For quick use, as soon as the post-capture dialog shows you can hit: Alt+n then U.


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