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NANY 2015 Release - Splat (Simple Program Launching and Termination)

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where is command line sopport? :(-yjs14 (February 27, 2015, 01:19 AM)
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The only argument you can pass to Splat.exe is:  /profile:"c:\full\path\to\<ProfileName>.profile"
You can easily create a shortcut for a profile by right-clicking the profile name and choosing the "Send launch profile shortcut to desktop" entry.  As the help file explains, launching a profile in this manner doesn't display the main interface.  Only the tray icon is shown for the duration of the profile.

UI problem-yjs14 (February 27, 2015, 01:32 AM)
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Sometimes it gets wacky like that.  Choose View > Reset splitter position from the menu and restart Splat.

bug?-yjs14 (February 27, 2015, 01:45 AM)
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I'm going to guess you're running a folder and expecting Splat to continue when you close Windows Explorer.  As the info button near that option explains: Enabling this option runs the item and waits, indefinitely, for its process ID (PID) to close before moving on to the next item.  This option is typically used with console or commandline programs that exit on their own after running a command.  Use with care.

In other words, that option is not designed to do what you want with a folder.  It's designed mainly for commandline apps.

suggest: add close/kill all programs or common templet profile(contain some always runing progames like, firewall antivirus...)
I've added a lot of profiles(10), If I want to switch to PURE game mode(game profile), maybe I need to close a lot of programs of other profiles for "PURE". Or someday, if I add another profile contain some new programs, then I need to edit all profiles for "PURE". :(
work profile: close all (or recover to common templet profile)-> A.exe B.exe C.folder
surf profile: close all (or recover to common templet profile)-> C.folder F.exe
game profile: close all (or recover to common templet profile)-> G.exe-yjs14 (February 27, 2015, 02:16 AM)
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No, I will not be adding a "close all" type of option or any sort of pre-made templates.  The reason is that it's easy for you as a user to say to yourself, "Just close all running programs" because you know what to close.  For me, as the programmer, it's damn near impossible.  Why?  Consider all the stuff currently running in your task manager.  I can't just go attempt to close down every running process in there.  That would be Very Badâ„¢.  Your computer would completely shit the bed if I tried that.

As an FYI, you can run a profile within a profile.  So, if you add another profile called, say, NEWSTUFF, with a lot of, ahem, new stuff, you can simply add an entry in your PURE profile that calls this NEWSTUFF profile.  You can get pretty modular with Splat in this way.

Great!Thanks for your quick reply! ;D
Sorry, It's my mistake. That "close all programs" I requested, actually it is not "all". I mean all programs of all profiles would launch. (sorry for my poor english... :()
For example: I only just added 3 profiles.  I'd lunched work profile, now I want to switch to game profile. Splat will get all possible launching programs of all profile(A.exe B.exe C.folder F.exe G.exe) to-close list, then remove G.exe(game profile) from to-close list. and next, Splat will try to close the to-close list, then launch G.exe.

work profile: close all (game&surf profile programs except work profile)->run A.exe B.exe C.folder
surf profile: close all programs (work&game profile programs except surf profile )->run C.folder F.exe
game profile: close all programs (work&surf profile programs except game profile)->run G.exe

Splat was featured on today.

nice  :up:

Hi Skwire and congratulations and many thanks for building this wonderful software.  :-*

With the current version 1.1.5 it really came a long way and is now almost perfect.

However, it says in the title '...and Termination', but it looks like that part could use some more polishing.

As yjs14 already mentioned, it would be only logical to have 'Terminate profile' in the icon-tray-right-click-pop-up-menu just as we now have 'Launch profile' there.
Sure, making 'close-all-of-these' profiles is a nice feature to have, but why force the user to create a separate close-only profile when he/she already defined which programs to launch in the first place.
So, for example, I have a profile 'Workspace' which starts everything I need for work, and then, when I'm finished with my work, I would like to simply close everything down that that particular profile started.

You already have 'if running' logic in your program, and you already have 'close/kill' routines, so this should be just one more loop in your code, and that would really make it perfect and finally close the whole cycle of running and then terminating entire workspaces.

There is, however, one additional concern about this: some programs are not started directly, but from a .bat file or some other sequence, which means that for those Splat wouldn't know what to close when it comes to termination phase. Hence, I would suggest to add one more input field in the Edit Entry->Run Options dialog which could be named, let's say 'Termination Target', where user could input exe's name that should be closed.
For example, my code editor 'Komodo Edit' does not know how to function in a portable manner, but with a help of a .bat file that adds some %ENVs it runs portable just fine. Now, since I added 'Start_Komodo_Portable.bat' to my run list, not 'komodo.exe', Splat wouldn't know how to terminate it, but if I had one more input field to explain to Splat that I actually meant 'komodo.exe' then it would succeed in terminating it when the time comes.


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