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NANY 2015 Release: PasteQuick - yet another pastebin app

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!!  New version - 0.3.9  !!
0.3.9 is up and working but I have a few niggling issues with the user interface, especially the difference between Windows and GTK2.  Please download and test as soon as I get some builds up, or load up the source in Lazarus and share your tweaks.

2015 Jan 19: Ver. 0.3.9
-Added drag & drop; drop a text file in the text window and the contents
 are copied in.
-Added "Recall previous paste".
-Added About/Help box.
-LOTS of tweaks to the appearance for GTK2 and Win32.
-Bugfix: When clicking on the 'Username' field in the login box, it always cleared the entry.  Now it only clears the entry when "Username" is in the box.
-Bugfix: When a second instance is started, it would exit with an unhandled exception.
-Bugfix: When the About or Login box was showing, it was possible to open new boxes with the menu.  This would cause the application to crash when the extra windows were closed.  Added code to disable the menu items when the boxes shown, then re-enable when closed.
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!! New Version - 0.4.1 !!

Lots of new codes and slightly different look.  I abandoned the custom title bar and hide button in favor of native window decorations and hijacking the Close button for hiding the window.

2015 Mar 21: Ver. 0.4.1
-Added '-h' or '-hide' command-line switch to make the window hide on startup, like the old PasteQuick.
-Added a space at the top showing which login you are under. **NOTE: if you have logged in under a previous version of PasteQuick, please do the login process again to show your login name.
-Streamlined a few bits of code.
-Removed panel and hide button; now PasteQuick uses native window decorations.  The Close (X) button will simply hide the window. This also fixed a bug:
-Bugfix: In 32-bit GTK2, moving the window would make it jump all over the place.
-Bugfix: when starting up with login saved, a second "Private" entry would show up in the privacy drop-down menu.
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As always:

!! Mac OSX version !!

Lazarus Forum member Zittergie has contributed a Mac version, and has graciously allowed me to host it on my Sourceforge site.  Grab your copy here:
Test it, and report any bugs.


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