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NANY 2015 Release: PasteQuick - yet another pastebin app

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NANY 2015 Entry Information
Application Name PasteQuick Version 0.4.1 Short Description Minimal Pastebin application Supported OSes Linux and Windows 32 and 64-bitWeb Pagehttp://pastequick.sourceforge.netDownload Link Requirements
* Linux or Windows
* 32 or 64-bitVersion History
* 0.1.0 - First version: Basic functionality; unreleased
* 0.2.1 - First release: All features working; released to select testers on IRC
* 0.2.3 - Bugs fixed and new features added; released to select testers
* 0.3.1 - Bugs fixed, features added and some things changed; work in progress
* 0.3.5 - First public beta, all basic features implemented and major bugs fixed.
* 0.3.9 - Added Drag 'n' Drop, an 'About' box, some appearance tweaks, and bugs fixed
* 0.4.1 - Added command line option to hide on startup, native window decoration, tweaks and bugfixesAuthor;u=209

It's a Pastebin app, pure and simple.  A standalone front-end to pasting on  The official Linux Pastebin app wouldn't compile for me, so I decided to make my own, but it soon acquired a life beyond mere pasting.

Written in Pascal and Lazarus IDE.
Easily paste text and code snippets to and get links in return without having to go to the website.
Paste as Guest, or login and paste under your own Username as well.
Stays out of your way: activated by clicking a System Tray icon or Auto-hiding as set in options.

Planned Features
Make "Hide on startup" feature set-able in the configuration file. 0.2.1 and 0.2.3 auto-hide on startup.  0.3.1 does not.
"Recall previous link" or "Link history"; don't know which would be more useful.
Unicode pasting.
Paste & Quit mode (no tray icon, no autohiding)
Hiding & showing the main window via Hotkey.


Simply unzip the file into a location of your choosing, and run the executable.

Using the Application
Once the executable is run, you will see a window and a system tray icon.
Grab the window by the top bar to move it, click the bulls-eye button to hide it.
Left-click the tray icon to toggle the window hidden or showing.

Type or paste something in to the main window, set the options, and hit 'Send'.
Your text is pasted on, the link is copied to your clipboard, and the window auto-hides if you have it set to do so.
If you will be doing a lot of pastes with the same options, you can hit "Set as Default" and it will remember your settings.

Right-click the system tray icon.  The menu has "Quit", "Login", "Auto-hide" and "Hide window".
Click "Quit" to quit the program.
Click "Login" to enter your username and password. This allows you to un-check "Paste as Guest"
Check "Auto-hide" to make the window Auto-hide after every paste, un-check if you don't want that behavior.
Click "Hide window" to, well, hide the window.  That's there for the right-click addicts; you know who you are...

Simply erase the folder that contains the executable, and erase the configuration file at C:\Users\you\AppData\local\pastequick on Windows, or /home/you/.config/pastequick.cfg on Linux.

Don't bet on horses.
See "Using the Application" above.

Known Issues
Only the ones you tell me about! :)
If you find a bug, file a report at  I appreciate feedback and feature suggestions, so give me a piece of your mind here or hop on the #DonationCoder official IRC channel on Freenode and let me know what you think.  Also, if anybody has experience with using Lazarus on OS X, I'd love to have you test compiling for that platform.

thanks Edvard! i can see this app coming in handy.. :Thmbsup:

Please add at least a teaser-screenshot for us, code-junkies :tellme:

Woops... got your screenie in there.  ;D
Thanks for bringing that to my attention...  :-[

Downloads are up! Come and get it!


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